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Vivien Burgoyne

The Talking Cure

Speaking about yourself to a psychotherapist who is trained to hear what moves you below the surface of everyday life can offer you a safe space to address your suffering and distress. You can discover new and creative ways of going about your life. It was a patient – one of Freud’s – who named this ‘the talking cure’. The ‘talking cure’ can also help in situations where we have little control, for example in the current financial turmoil or as a result of a loss of someone you love.

I am a qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist, who practices psychotherapy and counselling in Archway Islington, North London. I am also a qualified psychoanalyst trained in the tradition of Jacques Lacan. In the first instance I use my trainings to assess what kind of approach would be best for you.

Why Contact a Psychotherapist?

There are a myriad of reasons a person may choose to seek psychotherapy. However, some of the more common reasons are: depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, relationship difficulties and many others.

In the course of therapy you discover what holds you back, enabling you to change old patterns and find new ways of approaching, and overcoming your difficulties. This leads towards better solutions; it enables you to be better grounded and take more control over your life, improving your confidence and self-esteem.