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Next Steps

How Would We Proceed?

In the first instance I offer a consultation where we can discuss and explore what has led you to contact a therapist. This lasts somewhere between three-quarters of an hour and an hour and-a-quarter. Sometimes this consultation process continues into more than one meeting. We would also discuss what kind of therapy would suit you best.

The length of time people attend is very variable. Some people decide to come for a few sessions to address something specific. Some come for longer and some people decide that they will commit to a longer process, because the solutions to the issues that they wish to address may take more time to evolve. You can decide this from the outset or as we go along.

Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis

Often therapy and/or counselling can be very effective treatments by themselves and the decision to undertake a longer term psychoanalysis is not usually something that happens in the earlier sessions. The decision sometimes emerges as the work goes along, and only if you want to pursue it. Psychoanalysis is often not a quick solution to our dilemmas, but it can be a very rewarding experience that stands us in good stead throughout our lives.